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Live video and audio

Live video and audio

Google+ Hangout provides live video and audio. Symphonical provides real-time walls that lets you get things done together.

Teamwork like never before

Symphonical is super simple and free. Be creative, develop, share, organize and follow up on information. Everyone sees what everyone else is doing - simultaneously. Screen sharing is all of a sudden, old-fashioned. Closest thing to 'being there' in an actual meeting.

Collaboration in action

So, here's what you need to know...


Google account

You need an Google account linked to Google+ to start a hangout.


Hangout plugin

You need to install the plugin from Google to run webcams and audio through your browser.



Hangout with your Google contacts or just invite someone by e-mail.

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See for your self how Symphonical works with Google+ Hangout.

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